Does the amount spent on the music video affect how much it is viewed?

Is spending a lot of money on your music video important to have it viewed as much as possible? Michael Jackson’s scream is the most expensive video produced according to the NME clocking in at $7 million and over $10 million after inflation. the original air date of the video was 1995 and uploaded on the michaeljacksonVEVO in 2009 since then it has racked up 51,290,776 views.

Skepta Thats Not Me (featuring JME) won a MOBO award for best video and only had £80 spent on it. if you divide Screams views by the amount spent on it, going by the $10 million figure is 5 views. If you do the same with Thats Not Me which has 9,880,029 views the result is 123,500 views thats 24,700 times more than Scream so even though Scream had more views the Thats Not Me video could be seen as more successful especially as it was uploaded in 2014 so a lot less time to gain views. In my opinion this means that you do not need to spend a lot on your video to get a lot of views.


4 thoughts on “Does the amount spent on the music video affect how much it is viewed?”

  1. I think you should look at how skepta managed to amass that many views without him being signed to a major label. Look into if it’s because of the genre of music, with genres like grime it has become a normal thing to see just a rapper being filmed in a freestyle fashion, whereas if michael jackson had done the same thing people would think he was being lazy. Another example of your point would be the Stormzy – shut up video.

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