Deep Medi Musik overview

Deep Medi Musik are an indie dubstep label based in London and ran by dubstep pioneer Mala. Deep Medi started releasing music in 2006 and almost every vinyl release gets sold out in a matter of days, this is most likely because of the following that Mala has gained from his many years in the genre. This year is Deep Medis 10th anniversary and they are having a 10 event tour in america to celebrate. Deep Medi has released legendary artists such as Skream and Goth-Trad which are big names in the genre. Deep Medi is able to run as an indipendant label because of the the dedicated following of their Label which is likely why their releases are always selling out. Deep Medi isn’t the only label that Mala has ran, along with Coki, Loefah and sgt Pokes he co-ran DMZ a legendary label from the origins of dubstep the first release on the label is on Discogs for £140 and many of the release are not even available on discogs which is not very common; this is because they are seen as a collectors item. a lot of Deep Medis income will come from live events, on top of their 10th anniversary tour they are also headlining boom town with a stage takeover. In future blogs we will look further into why Deep Medi Musik has been successful over the years and and further into how they work and what they do.


9 thoughts on “Deep Medi Musik overview”

  1. A good read, probably one of the biggest success stories in the genre as a whole. It’d be interesting to know what sets them apart from other labels? Why are Medi releases so sought after?


    1. good idea Ross, keep an eye out for future posts on Deep Medi Musik where i will go more into depth on points like these.


  2. Interesting background information. Would be interesting to know the difference with sales between Deep Medi Musik and Mala’s co-ran label DMZ and how they are run differently?


      1. Off the top of my head I know that DMZ is a co-run label (a lot of input from Coki and Loefah?) and vinyl only, whereas Deep Medi is all Mala and they do digital releases as well. But yes this would be an interesting thing to read about


    1. Americas Dubstep scene is vastly different to the UK’s much of it being more typical to the “brostep” or “riddim” subgenres however as the foundations of this genre Deep Medi and the artists that release and support this label are bound to have a following in America as well.


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