SoundCloud Overview

SoundCloud is site designed for music composers and users, music composers can share their music on the site for free and people that just want to listen can do so without even signing up. SoundCloud has allowed “Users on a Free plan have an upload quota of up to 180 minutes of audio, Pro plan subscribers have a 360 minute quota, and Unlimited plan subscribers do not have an upload limit on their account.” The way I see this is a free plan allows people new to composing and sharing their music to try out the site without any commitment where as the unlimited pro plan is for established artists or labels to use. SoundCloud can be a powerful asset to a label specifically independent labels for example Deep Medi Musik the label I am doing my other case study on uses it post clips of upcoming releases as well as free downloads such as these Deep Medi also upload full tracks for their fans to listen to. It recently has emerged that SoundCloud isn’t doing too well financially we will look further into this when we continue with this case study in further blogs.


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