Deep Medi Musik compared to house music

Mala the owner of Deep Medi Musik created the label in 2006 in an interview with TransmeetTV hes said that he created the label because he was being sent music from all around the world artists from “UK, Finland, New Zealand and Japan” this is only a few of them. 10 years later Deep Medi has released around 36 different artists and 102 different releases between these artists 91 of them are single or EP (both vinyl) releases and the other 11 are CDs or vinyl LPs. the music being released on this label is known as Dubstep although Mala winces at the word and expresses that this is what the media has labeled it as but for an easier reading experience i will refer to it as Dubstep.

hypercolour is also a label stared in 2006 which focuses around dance music such as “house” Hypercolour have around 116 releases however just under half of these are solely digital releases where as with Deep Medi they are all vinyl (occasionally CD) with a digital option this is largely because of Malas views of how This music should be consumed. When Mala along with Coki, Loefah and Sgt. Pokes start their club night DMZ the moto they put on the flyer was “come meditate on bass weight” this is because Mala believes in sound system music and that the music on his label was designed to be listened to in this way.dmz_march09_back

Another difference between these two labels is genre Dubstep isn’t currently as popular as house especially the old school style as is released on Deep Medi although in 2006 this style of Dubstep was still thriving and this shows in releases Deep Medi really picked up its releases in 2008 on the other hand Hypercolour didn’t really start releasing on a big level until about 2012. These more niche genres are much more liable to change in trends that will affect popularity but with other genres such as rock which are constantly quite popular are not as susceptible to such trends because it is already a hugely popular established genre.


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