Social media in recording, mixing and mastering.

Within these disciplines I believe the most useful social medias are FaceBook and Souncloud this is because these social medias are useful for having a business presence to advertise to the public, followers of your business can also share your profile/posts with friends to spread the reach. FaceBook is good because you can have all of your details on there and almost remove the need for a website, although saying that it is not as good as having your own website. A recording, mixing or mastering engineer can use FaceBook to advertise their business, an online presence in 2016 is vital, everyone has access to the internet and if you give someone a good service they would normally be more than happy to follow your online profile. A downside of FaceBook is that there has been some contravercy of the company limiting a pages posts to reach only a percentage of the total fans, to reach the rest of them the page must pay to “sponser” the post so it is pinned to peoples timelines. Soundcloud is a good site for these engineers to upload or share recordings that they have done or worked on. Another positive of Soundcloud is that it has widget integration this is where you can embed a Soundcloud track or playlist into a website, this is particularly useful if you have your own website so you can embed a Soundcloud playlist of your works into the website and you can direct people there to see the examples of your works. FaceBook and Soundcloud are very different one being a very general social media and the other being a music based social media alone they are mediocre but when used in conjunction they become a very powerful business tool and a great way of sharing your business with others.


2 thoughts on “Social media in recording, mixing and mastering.”

  1. Looking into twitter could be a good idea, it would allow you to contact bigger artists. People are not as active on Facebook as they used to be so it might not be the best place to promote your business. Instagram would be a great social media platform for you to post updates on what you are doing, it would be really fast to post pictures/videos of the artists you are recording.


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