beatboxing and the loop pedal.

Beardyman is a beat boxer that utilizes technology in his performances this allows him to be more flexible whilst beat boxing because ultimately there are only so many sounds you can make with your mouth at once. Like most other beat boxers he originally would use a standard loop box and other hardware effect boxes, but having all of the effects he wanted in one place resulted in a very cluttered stage as a result he designed some software that would have everything he wanted in one place. The software he created was Beardytronics the current iteration being the Beardytron 5000 MKii, this software uses multiple ipads connected over wifi to interact with each other with live improvisation in mind. The creators pushed the software so far that it became more of a live DAW but where as DAWs such as Ableton are to make music for live Beardytronics is for making music while live with built in samplers, launchpad integration and loop recording features similar to those of Logic. Beardytonics is a way of beat boxers to streamline and diversify their set-up allowing much more flexibility over past hardware based set up if you compare two Beardyman performances one before Beardytronics and one using it then you can notice the change in production, using Beardytronics it sounds much more like a full song because of the extra features and flexibility of the software.

The Beardytron 5000 mkII: Building Beardyman’s Ultimate Live-Production System



Current Dissertation Plan

Title: What is binaural recording and what are its applications?

Intro: A brief overview of binaural recording, the history and any developments.

The current/main uses of binaural recording: are theses the best uses for it?

Possibly experiment with binaural recording: record a band, voice actor and foley.

Analyse the recordings and which application worked best.

Possibly show the recordings to a selection of people for feedback on which they thought worked best, and look into their comments.