WBL: targets

My long term target is to do all of or selected jobs of recording, mixing and mastering for 3/4 artists each doing 2 or 3 tracks each if some artists dont want me to mix and master their music then i will get free stems from online and mix and master them. I want to work with multiple artists as it will look better in a portfolio than just one artist I also want a variety of genres/instruments to show a wide range of recording and mixing techniques. I want to work with at least one singer/songwriter and at least one band i also want all of the people i record to be different genres if possible.

A short term target is too get my first artist recorded who is a singer song writer which isnt too adventurous however I know that he does sometimes use a violin which i could research some techniques for. I had a quick search and found this article on sound on sound, they recomend using a small diaphragm omnidirectional microphone or a ribbon microphone to keep it sounding natural and warm. I have already arrenged to start recording either within the next couple of weeks or after christmas however by next week I will have research some more recording techniques to try.also by next week i will have a plan for the recording of this artist whith how long i want to spend on tracks and when.