Collaboration between artists is an important part of the music industry, more so in some genres than others. A genre that it is very prominent at the moment is Grime, a genre focused on the vocalists (known as MC’s) and the instrumentals usually produced by one artist opposed to a band. A big part of grime is the MC’s collaborating and featuring on each other’s songs this is beneficial for both artists as their fan base is exposed to the other artist on the song and vice versa. The other form of collaboration in grime is the collaboration between MC and producer (the artist(s) that creates the Instrumental), a producer that is quite popular at the minute is Westy, lots of people are using his instrumentals and getting him to produce their music, something I find interesting with Westy is that he is very active in the comments section of songs that he has produced on YouTube, this is something that I haven’t seen with other producers I think that this interaction with the viewers has increased the spread of his word of mouth promoting and that has got people asking for his instrumentals. Without collaboration, it would have been a lot more difficult for Westy to become a big figure and I think that grime itself would not have become nearly as popular of a genre as it has become.

Another part of collaboration is artists collaborating with other industries such as the massive collaboration between Amon Tobin and the Virtual DJ’s projection mapping visuals for his performances. Here is a video of one of his live performances, as you can see a massive 3D structure has been built for the virtual DJ’s to project images onto, these images and video are synced up to what is happening in the music using trigger points to make the whole performance feel more immersive. Amon Tobin creates contemporary electronic music, the feeling and emotion can then further be conveyed by the imagery of the projections this is done by the choice of colours for example using deep blue’s can convey sadness, the choice of images used also helps show the theme of the music, all of this together makes the performance much more of an experience than if it was just the DJ or just the projection.

With the rise of the internet there are now many websites where you can find people to collaborate  with online, Kompoz (pronounced compose) was the top result of a google search and the main idea of it is if you have an idea for a melody on keyboard for example but cant think of anything else to go with it or perhaps want someone to play real drums over it then you post your recording of the melody on Kompoz and other people all around the world will have the opportunity to add to your recording with anything they think will fit it perhaps a drum loop or rhythm guitar over the top. If you want the experience to be more private or 1 on 1 you can invite other artists to collaborate with you so only they can see and upload for the recording you post to them. All in all I think that this service will only be massively useful when you need a niche instrument that is hard to find in your area for example if I wanted a guzheng zither on one of my tracks I could find someone on the site that plays one and invite them to collaborate with me other than that I feel it would be easier to just find a musician in your local area or at your local university/college.


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