live performance 23/02/17

So far i have been making myself familiar with Ableton and the APC40 I have a song ┬áthat isn’t quite finished yet but i have started cutting up and putting into Ableton this is just so that i can practice while i finish the song. I spent the first week learning how to cut the audio files and put them into the session view without this i wouldn’t be able to even start, i still need to finish the song and decide which effects i want to use in the performance as well as considering whether to introduce a second MIDI controller to use the faders to control the effects which could result in a nice dub delay. the effects i am definitely using are a delay and reverb some i may consider are a chorus or flanger but i will have to see how they fit into the song.


WBL Oscar Prince

I have been recording a singer song writer that i have recorded before, i have a couple of songs that we have recorded in the past and we plan on recording another two so he can release them as an EP, I am recording the songs as well as starting the mixing process with him because he is very much the producer he knows what he wants from his songs and is very particular about which  parts stay in and which parts get cut out i continue the mixing by myself after the outline has been created with him i will also be the one mastering the songs for release. so far we have nearly finished one song the reason we have not finished this song yet is because we are trying to get a violinist in to record violin over the top and provide backing vocals how ever it has been struggle to find a time where we are all free and have access to a studio, I plan to start recording the second song with Oscar now and see when the violinist is available to record and when she is we will track both the songs on the same to avoid this problem again. while Oscar is very much the producer i do have input on his music where he will do a few takes and ask me which i preferred often going with my choice.

Started Recording

recording has started with my first artists who is a singer song writer called Oscar Prince he is a friend of mine but he will be bringing in a friend of his to play violin and provide backing vocals, we have currently spent about 2 and a half hours recording, my main role is just as a studio engineer how ever i do have a small input production wise especially when it comes down to choosing which takes to use and management of time. the current plan is to record two songs with Oscar as well as mixing and mastering them, this may change to include more songs but as of yet is staying at two.