creative live performance

I am now feeling a lot more comfortable working within ableton and using midi controllers. I had decided to use two controllers for the performance, one APC40 and one Ableton Push. I have mapped the faders on the APC to the sends to delay on each track for use with break downs and transitions. The Ableton Push will be used as an instrument which I will play live on the night I’m planning to have multiple effects to change this instrument during the song however this has not yet been implimented.

the song has been fully transferred to clips however the only changes I want to make to it is to add some variation to the drum track/ an alternative drum track that I can swap between to give the variation. the alternative drum track should be done for next week. other than the things mentioned all else i have to do is to practise especially with playing the push live.



I haven’t had a chance to record over the past week due to a full schedule however I have finished one track excluding the violin and female backing vocals as I still haven’t recorded her the plan is to finish the second song with Oscar next week then get the violinist in to record over both of the songs in one session, this means that i only have to get her in once. i have started downloading stems to mix I plan on using a variety of genres to test myself and teach myself new techniques prominent in different genres, I’ve just downloaded the stems of a trap song while I am not a fan of trap i think that song mixing techniques used in trap would apply for genres that i am a fan of such as grime or dubstep.