WBL up to 06/04/2017

so far i have been recording Oscar Prince primarily in the studios at Leicester College he is a singer song writer and his track contained acoustic guitar, bass guitar, vocals and violin, my involvement in this project has mainly been as a recording engineer as Oscar has been the producer with a clear view of what he wants from his songs, my only input into this side of the project would be when hes taken a few takes and ill let him know which i think is best also when recording the violin they were struggling with deciding what to play on the violin for the outro when i made a suggestion to repeat the previous piece played, they tried it and decided they liked it and used that. the violin and some backing vocals were recorded at an alternative studio, it is only a home studio and situated in the front room, I had worries of noise from the road but it was a relatively quiet road and nothing came up in recordings. I still have to mix and master this track and have been given Ben Howard as a reference track, this is good as he is an artist i’m familiar with the main characteristic he is looking for is warmth mainly from the guitar.

i have spent around 10 hours recording, 7 hours in the leicester college studios and 3 hours in Mid-Dawn studios.

I have spoken to Ross Keymer and he has an EP release coming up that he needs some songs mastered for, I suggested that i could master them for him, however so far it has not got much further than this, partially because Ross is unsure in which songs he is definitely going to use. I will let Ross know that I am available to master his tracks if he so wishes.

now that i have finished recording the first song with Oscar I am thinking of reach out to other artists, using social media, however i already have a good sized recording portfolio and would prefer to grow my mixing and mastering portfolio.