creative performance summary

Originally my plan for my performance was to make a song in ableton that I have created with the idea of playing it live however after practicing with a half finished dub track I made a while ago i decided to just use that with the intention of finishing it. after practicing with it in its half finished state i decided to just leave it at this stage as this would force me into using live performance techniques to create breakdowns and different sections in the songs.

The performance was done using an akai APC40 and an Ableton Push V2, my original plan was to only use the APC but then I decided that I wanted to be able to play an instrument live as well as triggering the scenes at the same time. The instrument I chose to play was an organ to fit in with the genre of the song. on the APC40 I would be triggering the scenes as well as applying effects to the scenes playing.

I mapped the faders on the APC that are normally used as volume faders to a delay with a high feedback commonly found in dub and similar genres this was so that I could quickly flick the fader up and then down again normally on the snare, you do it quickly because of the high feedback on the delay and if it was activated for long then the song would quickly become overcome with delay.

Potential issues I could have run into whilst performing were triggering scenes at the wrong times, playing the wrong chords or notes and triggering the wrong effects or for the wrong amount of time.

During my performance I think there was only one scene that I triggered too late and this was due to me trying to trigger multiple scenes at the same time. there were a couple of times where I played the organ out of time or not the chords that I wanted I think this was due a lack of practice with playing the instrument live, if I were to do the performance again I would have planned what I was playing on the organ and when this way the same mistakes may not have been made. however overall I think the performance went well and I received good feedback from peers.


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