mixing and mastering 35-40 hours

When i moved onto mixing i started with the song i recorded but had issues with it and found it difficult because of this i put it to one side and decided to come back to it with fresh ears. I then moved onto the the song I got from the cambridge mix library, i developed a  method and order that i found it easy to work in this order was 1. find any obvious problem tracks, this could be tracks that sit properly or are way too loud. 2. put in place any EQs that are needed this will give you more space in the mix. 3. apply the compressors where necessary this will reduce the dynamic range of the tracks. 4. apply reverb I started to use 2 different reverbs both on sends, one for vocals and one for instruments. 5. pan tracks to fill space. after this i would just continue with whatever that particular song needed.

In total I mixed 5 songs and it took aproximately 25-30 hours purely on the mixing.

After this I started mastering the songs, I made use of the templates in CuBase and used parallel compression techniques, this is where you add a heavily compressed vesion of the song to the original version this tends to bring out the vocals and reinforces quieter parts of the song without reinforcing the peaks of the waveform too much.

In total I mixed 4 songs and it took aproximately 10 hours just on mastering.


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