WBL final summary

General summary

I have recorded one artist called Oscar Prince, this song is now finished and on my new SoundCloud page, i made this new SoundCloud page to represent myself as a mixing and mastering engineer rather than an artist as my other SoundCloud does. approximately 5 hours was spent contacting the artist himself, booking studios and organising recordings with himself and the violinist. I spent approximately 15 hours recording over a total of three sessions, two of these sessions were done in Leicester colleges studios and the third and final was done at an external home studio of a family member. because of where the recordings took place the studio time did not cost me anything however if i was paying for spaces i would and could have streamlined the recording process as 15 hours for one song is too much especially for the song that was recorded as it had limited instrumentation. The recording could have been done in two sessions but we had issues getting the violinist available at the same time as myself and Oscar.

After finishing the recording I got feedback from Oscar advising me on the sound he desired from the mix, I took this input at the time because I didn’t want to waste more organising a time we were both available again and then being in a studio again which would be costing me money in a real situation.

I then moved onto mixing, i started to run out of time to record more artists so I downloaded unedited stems from the Cambridge mixing library, my thoughts behind this was they would be for my new SoundCloud page as an online portfolio in total I spent approximately 5 hours sourcing mixes even offering my services to other students on my course that i knew were releasing EPs however they didn’t get back to me, I tried to pick a range of genres from the mix library. I picked a selection of genres to test myself more than if i just stuck to one genre, this also meant i had to approach them differently.

The only mix i had issues with was mixing Oscar’s song i sought the help of a tutor for this and he assisted me giving me pointers for EQs and levels, one of my question was about the track sounding a bit muddy and messy and one of his pointers was to use the EQ before the compressor and take the bottom end out before compressing and this is something that i now use in most of my mixes. I finished mixing 5 songs including Oscar Prince’s and this took me about 25-30 hours.

After mixing I moved onto mastering I master all 4 songs which took me approximately 10 hours I used techniques such as parallel compression a technique that i learnt from a guest lecturer, I used this technique to bring out the mid of the track a bit more including the vocals. this technique is done by compression one bounce of the song heavily to squash all of the peaks down you then add this heavily compressed version to the original and it brings up the lower energy sections of the song without reinforcing the peaks too much, this avoids distortion.

All masters are available on my new SoundCloud page “KJN Audio

looking forward

moving on from here I will continue adding to this SoundCloud using it as my portfolio I will eventually use this portfolio to help myself gain a job either in a studio or clients for recording, mixing, or mastering work. I have more of the raw stems downloaded from the cambridge mixing library ready. I will also work on making the SoundCloud page look more professional and consider the idea of making a website as this will be more customisable and professional than a SoundCloud page. My personal target is to have people paying me to mix and master their songs within 2 years, and within 5 years i want to be working in a studio whether it be my own or someone elses. To move me towards these goals I think I may try offering my services on Fiverr and then moving off of Fiverr once I had gained enough money to start my own proper website.

To improve on what I have done I would streamline some processes so that they did not take so long however most of this will improve with practise such as recording mixing and mastering. however generally turn around times of both the recording and mixes would of had to be faster whilst working in a competitive environment. all feedback i got from Oscar was good and he plans on recording with me in the future infact we are currently talking about recording some more violin for a song he has recorded a while ago.



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