WBL social media

I weighed up the idea of having a social media page and decided to go with a FaceBook page rather than a twitter page, this is because I don’t use twitter and therefore would sort of have to start from scratch whereas on FaceBook I can invite allow my currant friends and even if they don’t follow i can share the posts on my personal page to spread the word. another reason for not using twitter is the limitation of characters you can use in each post this could be frustrating when using it for a business rather than a personal page. I have set up a SoundCloud and uploaded my mixes to start my online portfolio, both FaceBook and SoundCloud are under the same brand name of KJN Audio, this will be my name as a mixing and mastering engineer whereas my name as an artist will be Rhythmical Thinking. I think it is important to have the two different alliases so you can cater more to each fan base the fans of me as an artist may not want to hear the latest rock mix that I did.

to improve my social medias i need to put some branding and personalisation onto them such as logos or pictures. i am considering approaching graffic design students as this could be a budget approach to getting a logo done.


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